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Simply refer a visitor to our website and you will earn a commission based on the total amount they spend on FAGEnSAGE offers: T-shirt, Contestant Form, Event Ticket during that visit. You can discover how it works here, and if you’re ready?

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Explaining How it Works (FAQ)

How Do I Start?

First, you need to sign up for as an affiliate. After signing up you will get an affiliate link or a special URL that contains the Username or ID of your affiliate. You can then use this link to promote FAGEnSAGE (Nominees Payment, T-shirt, Ticket).

How Do I Earn?

Whenever a visitor clicks on your affiliate link a cookie is dropped into their browser to track them. If they eventually purchase from FAGEnSAGE, ordering something from the FAGEnSAGE website, then we’ll be notified that we received that customer from you and gives you credit for making the sale.

When Do I Collect My Earnings?

Commission payouts for all the leads or sales that you have made for FAGEnSAGE is done on a weekly basis. As soon as it clocks a week which you’ve registered, you can request and will be credited (via bank transfer) with your current earning without delay.

Does It Cost To Join our Affiliate Program?

There are no charges for joining FAGEnSAGE Affiliate Program. And you are free to use any medium to promote your links. You can check FAGEnSAGE affiliate terms for more information.